Podcasting University Inc

Greetings. Podcasting University Inc teaches the art of Podcasting from conception to completion. Our Members range from Corporate Leaders to Small Business Owners & Christian Religious Organizations. We have the knowledge to teach you, in a format that makes it easy to understand and the Desire, to see it happen.

As a Member of Podcasting University Inc, Dana Tucker will instruct you on the complete operations of Podcasting. We do this through one on one teaching. We answer your e-mails quickly as well as have the ability to do live video conferencing to meet YOUR time line. We also use screen capturing software. Personal attention is given to each of our Members and that is why we limit our membership to 20 members at a time. As a Member, you can have peace of mind knowing that your Podcasting Educational Experience will be met by Instructors that not only Love what they do, but also take Pride in watching their Members Excel.

As a business owner, just ask yourself why Harvard, Yale, MIT and Caltech, to name a few, have been using podcasting, as a part of their teaching method. These higher learning institutes have done the research to see the benefits of doing so. Their conclusions? Well, they all use podcasting as a way to instruct their students. As a company, you should be using the same resources, taught by the Ivy League. Dana Tucker will show you how!