In 2017 many people are getting into the Audio Book Narration Profession. The requirements concerning the ACX, as well as other Audio Book distributors are both extensive as well as easy to accomplish if you can grasp the basic concepts of Audio Requirements.

Hello, my name is Dana and I have been recording the “Spoken Word” for 45 years. I have analyzed close to 10,000 Podcast files using the recommended standards set forth by the Audio Engineering Society, commonly referred to as the AES, to wit I am a Proud Member of.

At this time only 11 Podcast have met these requirements. Why? Is it that hard? Absolutely not! Since the dawn of digital audio and the booming expansion of Podcasting in the last few years, everyone seems to think they can just get a $40 mic off eBay, quit their day job and go into the Podcasting field to make money.

Here is the hard truth. Around 2% of anyone starting a new podcast will only earn enough money to pay for their hosting service within the first 12 months. Please keep in mind that meeting the requirements concerning the ACX is much more complex then Podcasting will ever be! With Podcasting, there are only recommendations. With the ACX, they are requirements. If you do not meet them, you will be rejected!

I am an active Narrator with the ACX. I also teach how to meet the requirements for LibriVox & Learning Ally. I have taught thousands of people how to record professional audio concerning the “Spoken Word” commonly referred to as “Speech”. If you plan on joining any of these organizations, I invite you to join our community where you will receive some of the best free professional audio training advice on the www today!

Audio is fun! Mixing and mastering is really quite simple when it comes to the spoken word. STAY OFF EBAY looking for cheap mics. In the last 12 months they have been flooded with counterfeit brand name mics. It has gotten so bad that the real manufactures of these products are now listing this statement on their official sites as well! One last thing, do what Missy should have done, Get Your Own Mic & have fun!

“In spite of the fact that my everyday work is an audio engineering for the National Theater (Wikipedia) in my country (Bosnia), this Podcasting Course has been the most educational and most valuable time ever spent in my life. I was blown away by simple and easy-to-comprehend methods that really open up a whole new world when recording and processing our audio files. National Theater Website“. I wish you all the best and keep up the good work  Dana! God bless you. Sani Terzic.

In addition to his deep knowledge of the audio industry and ways to professionally produce audiobooks and voice-overs, everything he teaches is encapsulated into a bigger picture, he has the ability to provide a full understanding of each topic. Dana has been (and he still is) crucial for my knowledge path regarding audiobook production. He taught me the correct workflow regarding audiobook production, starting from audio basics, optimizing the recording site, passing through editing strategies and final product optimization, for a professional result. Everything with easy words, examples and kindness. Marco Massai.