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Using Audacity for Audio Books is a BAD IDEA!

There is a tremendous difference between Podcasting and narrating audio books. With Podcasting you can pretty well do as you please unless you follow the AES recommend standards which are a -20 to -16LUFS with a -1dbTP and a max of 4dbs for the LRA. (Loudness Range). If you plan on recording audio to submit to the ACX, their requirements…

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Audio Books Requirements From A Sound Engineers Point of View

In 2017 many people are getting into the Audio Book Narration Profession. The requirements concerning the ACX, as well as other Audio Book distributors, are both extensive as well as easy to accomplish if you can grasp the basic concepts of Audio Law. Anytime I use the phrase “AUDIO LAW” you need to make sure you follow that advice to…

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My Signal Path.

The picture below is my audio signal path that I use for when I am recording for the ACX. I can configure this signal path a hundred different ways depending on my recording needs. I will list just a few and my hopes are that you may have a similar need concerning your own signal path and you will be…

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