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Studio Microphone Buying Guide

Studio Microphone Buying Guide This is a very well written microphone buying guide that Sweetwater as put together. It is in-depth as well as easy to understand. Professional recording engineers know that creative microphone selection is an essential ingredient in every great recording. If you’re new to recording, however, the subject of microphones is probably shrouded in mystery. With a…

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Microphone Placement

This is one of the steps people have the least amount of knowledge with, and what makes it even worse, this is one of the critical steps that must be addressed to achieve professional recordings. This step is required regardless if you are recording instruments, vocals or speech. Many low end mics, both dynamic and condenser, will come with a…

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Microphone Types

Since we are talking about recording speech, we will be talking about dynamic mics verses condenser mics. At this time I have around $12,000.00 invested in these types of mics and my favorite one for speech, is the Shure SM57 dynamic mic. It cost $99.00. I also have the Shure SM7b which cost $450.00. This is the mic that Michael…

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