Church Ministries

Dana TuckerIn 2020 more and more Churches are spreading their message worldwide. It is so easy to place your message online with very little knowledge. If you have a Christian Church and would like to have an on-line presents, please contact me and we will sit down and go over your website/recording needs.

Please read the following information so you will have an idea, of what to expect. You must provide me with your budget before any process gets started.

After a decision is made and you are ready to proceed, then I will meet with via Zoom. Recording/Audio equipment, has evolved to the point that anyone can record on a professional level, using a small to modest budget. The biggest hurdle that many Churches face, is getting volunteers willing to spend their time, to learn the basics of audio/video recording as well as the programs associated with producing the finial product. If you are interested in having a website, the average cost is around $110.00 per year and it will require a dedicated person to keep it updated. Most sites only require about one to two hours a month. Please click here to see my website checklist.

In 2020, most Churches may feel pressured into streaming their services live. The truth is, if your congregation is less then 350 members, it may not be the best use of Gods money to invest in this type of set up. The average cost of streaming professional video in large Churches, is close to $8,000 for a basic two camera setup. You will need dedicated members who are willing to invest their time, and well as their willingness to learn how to use the audio/video equipment and the audio/video editing software. You will need to have internet services that you can hard-wire your computers into, to get the best video quality.

As streaming service providers have evolved, their cost has come down very little. However, like most things concerning electronics, their prices have fallen at a very steady rate. After working with some of the most educated people in the field of streaming video, I believe you can achieve a very high quality video stream for less then $550.00. If you already have an up to date computer, an internet connection and the willingness to learn how to use OBS. Please click here to see my recommended equipment list.

Many Churches use what is referred to as a “Delayed Online Presents” and it is very cost efficient. You do not need internet service and your message can still be seen worldwide. By using this system, you can use any smart phone or tablet that can shoot videos. Once you record the video, you can use Camtasia software to separate the audio from the video, then use Reaper to mix and master the audio.

Once the audio has been mastered, you simply add it back into the video and render it to a mp4 format using Camtasia. This format can now be uploaded to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. The cost for Reaper is $80.00. The cost for Camtasia is $249.00. Since many people already have smart phones or tablets, it is simple to use these devices set on tripods, to capture your video, as well as your audio.

I offer a Christian Mixing Course for $99.00. However, there are times when people just do not have the time. If that is the case, I offer services to take your video files and render them to meet the AES recommended standards, for $50.00 per video.