LUFS MeterOur Free Courses will take the Individual who has no knowledge whatsoever concerning the Art of recording audio and equip them with the skills to mix, master and produce professional audio files. Even though we concentrate on using Reaper as our DAW of choice, our process will work with any major DAW system as well as Audacity. Please be aware that Audacity IS NOT considered a DAW. Even their official website makes this statement.

Our courses are set up to be self paced while at the same time, offering member interaction. We use the same software as 200,000 world wide universities use. You can take quizzes, download cheat sheets for audio, ask questions, get answers, participate in real time and build professional relationships. You can suggest courses to be made on specific subjects as well as get involved with anything we have going on. The only limitations will be your own timeline.

When you are finished with these courses, dealing with audio will be as familiar to you, as breathing! Everything taught in this live, hands-on, in your face audio course, will revolve around the Recommended Standards from the Audio Engineering Society, (AES), concerning streaming audio, for Podcasting. Our ACX Audio Book Course will teach you how to pass the ACX Mandatory Requirements using Reaper as your DAW. We do not recommend using Audacity for this type of recording.

Our courses for Learning Ally & LibriVox will deal with Audacity or the DAW of your choice. For those of you who may be interested in doing narration, voice overs or audio book recordings, I highly suggest you check out Learning Ally as well as LibriVox. They could use your help and it is a great way for you to practice/hone your skills, while giving back to the world at the same time.


We will be using a Conference Call Center for individuals who will want to participate. When you are signed in, you will be able to listen, talk, ask questions as well as interact via audio or video. Ask a question and see the answer in real time.

What others have to say:

“In spite of the fact that my everyday work is an audio engineering for the National Theater (Wikipedia) in my country (Bosnia), this Podcasting Course has been the most educational and most valuable time ever spent in my life. I was blown away by simple and easy-to-comprehend methods that really open up a whole new world when recording and processing our audio files. National Theater Website“. I wish you all the best and keep up the good work  Dana! God bless you. Sani Terzic.

Dana is very knowledgeable about “All- Things” Podcasting. He is tech-savvy and offers creative tips and techniques. He instructed me on some ways to improve the quality of some of my sound recordings by using my
iPhone. Dana’s experience and skill in this area are an asset to anyone looking to use his services. If you are looking for a Podcast Specialist……. look no further than Dana! – Highly Recommend! Kat Marquis, Esq.

I work for a Christian nonprofit ministry to the military, and one of our newest initiatives is to get a podcast up and running in order to provide an encouraging word and to equip our men and women in uniform. Podcasting
is a little more complex than just hooking up a mic and pressing record. Dana has been invaluable in filling in those gaps, from equipment set up to audio editing and podcasting best practices. I know I speak for my team
members when I say: Thank you, Dana! God bless. Josh J.

In addition to his deep knowledge of the audio industry and ways to professionally produce audiobooks and voice-overs, everything he teaches is encapsulated into a bigger picture, he has the ability to provide a full understanding of each topic. Dana has been (and he still is) crucial for my knowledge path regarding audiobook production. He taught me the correct workflow regarding audiobook production, starting from audio basics, optimizing the recording site, passing through editing strategies and final product optimization, for a professional result. Everything with easy words, examples and kindness. Marco Massai.