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Using Room Tone for the ACX

This is the forum for discussing the requirements concerning the ACX as well as other on-line publishers. This forum also covers voice over procedures.
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Using Room Tone for the ACX

Post: # 189Post Dana
Sat Aug 11, 2018 6:30 am

I received this email from Chad yesterday.
Hi, thanks for helping me. Question about room tone. Acx requires room tone in the beginning and the end of a file. Here's my question, should I use all room tone, all noise reduction or both for the entire file? What would be wrong with using noise reduction for the whole thing?
Room tone is required at the beginning and end of your audio file. It is also used if you need to add space to lengthen any part of your file. In other words, if you are reading a line and you think it would sound better if you added a little longer pause between the two phrases, then you would simply split the audio track and create the space, then fill it in with room tone.

Room tone is nothing more then recorded silence, in the room you are recording in. As far as the mastering process, you are better off doing all your corrections first, then use any plugin you need to, on the entire file. In other words, you CAN NOT use noise reduction on the first part of your audio file and not use it on the last part. This is a big no no concerning the ACX and you will most likely have your audio rejected. Regardless of whether you use noise reduction, a gate, EQ or a high pass filter, you MUST use it on the entire file! The ACX looks at this concerning being consistent.

Now with that being said, any plugins you use, MUST be used on everything concerning that audio book. Your opening and closing credits, as well as each chapter, should all have the same plugins applied. I also recommend that you use the same plugins when you record your auditions. This will give the author a general idea concerning the quality that is being produced. I hope this helps Chad.

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