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Recording Live At The Montross Soda Shoppe.

This forum if for discussing recording live events such as Church Services, meetings, community events and things of this nature.
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Recording Live At The Montross Soda Shoppe.

Post: # 449Post Dana
Wed Jan 16, 2019 4:30 pm

I will be recording a live event at the Montross Soda Shoppe tomorrow night. It will be featured on Phil McKenneys story telling expertise. You can check out his bio here. I will have him mic'ed with a AT Pro 8HEx headset dynamic mic running into my laptop via my Tascam 16 x 8 AI, as well as my Zoom H6 Digital Recorder as a backup. Remember, you never get a second chance to record a live event. This is the check list I will use when packing my gear and I promise you, if you do this long enough, you will have two of everything! ;-).

1. Eight Fresh Double A Battery's for the H6. (Only 4 are needed).
2. Two 6' XLR cables. (Only 1 is needed).
3. Laptop fully charged with power cord.
4. AT Pro 8HEx headset. (Only 1 is needed).
5. Zoom H6 Digital Recorder.
6. Remote recording rig. (Tascam 16x8, 9 outlet power conditioner, pro 8 headphone amp and 166xs compressor/limiter/gate).

Here is a little history on the Soda Shoppe.
The Westmoreland County Museum is creating a 1950’s style soda shop. We are still under construction, but we sell Coca-Cola bottled sodas, candy & Hershey's ice cream. Our future plans include constructing a working soda fountain area. The goal is to establish a seating area of period fountain, booths, tables and chairs near the right front of the store. This 1930’s style soda shop will be built using period fountains and other equipment so that visitors can relive what, hopefully, was a fondly remembered element of an earlier, more prosperous and exciting time in both their life and the life of America and its people. Guests can currently purchase Coke products, Hershey's ice cream, candy and other products, but we do not currently serve floats and shakes. The rationale for introducing this concept is designed to identify Coca Cola Bottling as a major early economic investor of the region. We are still working on completing this project but all sales are reinvested into creating a functioning soda fountain. Note: The Westmoreland Mercantile General Store is in the same building as the Montross Soda Shoppe.

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