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Recording Live Events.

This forum if for discussing recording live events such as Church Services, meetings, community events and things of this nature.
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Recording Live Events.

Post: # 93Post Dana
Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:54 pm

Recording Live Events.
This is one of my favorite types of recording, it is also one of the most challenging! I mean what could go wrong? Everything without the proper game plan. When you record live events, there is no SECOND CHANCE. You need to nail it right out of the gate or be prepared to spend hours trying to salvage your audio, when at the end, was nothing but a waste of time. I adopted a rule of life many years ago coined by Wreckmasters. "Never do ANYTHING in public, that you have not practiced and perfected in private". Regardless of whether you are recording a Church Service or an open air bluegrass jamboree, the key point of this post is "Be Prepared".

So how does one go about this? The first thing I recommend is that you make a checklist well before the event so all the needed equipment will be on hand. It will astonish you how leaving out one small item will effect the whole recording process. This could be a simple XLR cable, down to missing or leaving behind fresh batteries. The second thing I recommend is that you arrive early and do your proper sound checks. Then do them again. Check everything. Look for anything that could go wrong. I promise you, this will come from experience . Check the weather, check to power supply, check with the bands, speakers, instrumentalist, etc. Check everything.

I have a gig coming up at the end of May. I called the people in charge of this bluegrass event. I asked for all their contact information as well as a detailed list of what would be happening as well as what they would be providing in the way of power supplies. They were both shocked as well as amazed as they stated: "no one has ever asked for this type of information before". "We are just a bunch of country folks getting together to play a little music". My reply was: Cool, I just want to make sure that anyone who may listen to this via the www, would feel like they were sitting in the crowd as it was being played live". Their response: "What ya doing in the fall, we have another event coming up"!

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