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Using Copyright Material On YouTube.

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Using Copyright Material On YouTube.

Post: # 66Post Dana
Sun Apr 15, 2018 6:45 am

There is a lot of controversy concerning the videos you see, where people are using copyrighted songs and using them as covers. For some, it is a moral issue while for others, it is a legal issue. I will not get into the moral aspects but as far as the legal issue goes, it is 100% legit. So if you want to use a song by Guns and Roses and make your own cover, as long as you do not alter the words or music, you will always get the green light from YT. The same goes for Podcasting. If you use YT for your Podcast distribution and you want to use someones soundtrack as background music, or uses it for your intro/outro, go for it. You need to be aware that you may not be able to do this from your own website or from a company you use such as Blubrry or Libsyn.

So how can you get away with using copyrighted music on YT? Well, a few years back when people started doing this, YT was removing videos as well as channels for copyright infringement. The backlash from YT users was incredible to say the least. You need to realize that YouTube is owned by Google. So, Google gets together with CD Baby to come up with a plan that will allow YT members to use copyright material and still keep the Production Labels and Artist, happy at the same time.
YouTube’s impressive Content ID system analyzes elements of every single video uploaded to the platform to determine if a video contains any copyrighted material (sound recordings, composition, video, etc.). If so, YouTube’s Content ID system automatically places a claim on that video on behalf of the rights holder. In other words, if you upload a cover song video, YouTube should be able to tell that you do NOT own the rights to the song; you will see a claim placed on the video by the publisher, and any ad revenue generated by your video will be paid to that rights holder. This is the same technology that allows CD Baby to monetize the usage of sound recordings across all of YouTube on behalf of our artists.
This is both a very interesting as well as informative article, written by CD Baby that walks you through the whole process. It should dismiss many myths that are floating around on the www in 2018.

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