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Checking For Bass Buildup.

This is where you can show off your home studio. This is also where you can ask questions or give advice concerning room treatments.
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Checking For Bass Buildup.

Post: # 30Post Dana
Sat Apr 07, 2018 3:02 am

When it comes to room treatments, you will constantly hear people talk about bass traps. What are bass traps? First, lets talk about why you may or may not need them. Bass is lower audio frequencies. They move slower and depending on what your room is made of, these frequencies can build up in your corners. Bass traps are acoustic energy absorbers which are designed to damp low frequency sound energy with the goal of attaining a flatter low frequency (LF) room response by reducing LF resonances in rooms. Like all acoustically absorptive devices, they function by turning sound energy into heat through friction.

If your room is surrounded by concrete such as a basement, then you will need to build/buy some of these traps. If your room is above ground and constructed using 2 x 4s and typical drywall and siding, you may not need to do anything. This short video shows how to check your room.


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