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Mixing Basics 101.

This forum is for discussing mixing. Mixing is where you must combine two or more tracks to produce an audio file. If you are doing Narration or Podcasting with only one track, then when you are ready to render that file, you would be Mastering.
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Mixing Basics 101.

Post: # 94Post Dana
Tue Apr 24, 2018 6:30 am

Mixing Basics 101.
The basic theory behind mixing in 2018, is the same it was until everything changed from mono, to stereo. When it was all mono and you wanted to record a group or band, everyone would have to come up to the one and only mic in the room, and play so their audio would stand out a little more. When we started to listen to music in stereo, things changed. These changes combined with advancements in the audio industry, has now made it possible for people to record, mix and master their own music for very little money. So what are the basic differences between a mixer and a soundboard? For this application, very little. Most people will associate a soundboard for leveling out the mics for the audience to hear, during live shows, while a mixer is used for multi track recording to prepare it for mastering. Depending on your ability, you can use either one to do both jobs. This is a great video that explains the basic concept of mixing and how you can make your mix sound fuller.


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