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The following course is open for guest registration. Recording Basics 101. All other courses require manual enrollment. I am in the process of putting these other courses together and hope to have them active by the middle of April 2018.

These courses can only be accessed after you complete the first course listed below. If you would like to pre-register for our advanced courses, please click here.

All our courses have their own forum as well as step by step short videos describing in detail what we are discussing. Due to our guest course being open without registration, you will not have access to the forums within this course. You can click on the links below to go to that particular course.

Recording Basics 101. There are basically three things that will effect any digital or analog recording. These three items have been know since the dawn of recording and they have never really changed. They are as important in 2018 as they were back in the 50’s and 60’s. The most dramatic change has occurred in the past decade when the prices dropped so low, that anyone with a few dollars can now produce professional audio from their spare room.

All you need is a good entry level mic suited to your voice and recording environment, a professional DAW, (Digital Audio Workstation), and be able to implement/follow a few simple rules. By doing this, you will stand the best chance of recording speech is a professional manner.

What Mic Should I Use? When you’re shopping for new microphones, you’ll encounter a wide variety of mic types spanning a vast range of prices. The specs and features associated with the hundreds of available models can be confusing, leaving you with little basis for comparison aside from a microphone’s price. This will help you make an educated decision on what mic you need for your recording environment.

Audacity 101. Audacity is free mixing and recording software. It is not used for mastering and it is not considered a DAW, (Digital Audio Workstation). This statement comes from their own online community. This software is fine for recording for volunteer organizations or if you are just starting out Podcasting or doing volunteer audio recording.

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