Recording, Mixing & Mastering Services

Two Bald EaglesI built my Home Studio in Montross Virginia, 10.2 miles away from any major highway. We are located in the middle of a Bird Sanctuary.

I designed this studio for three types of mixing ad mastering services, using advice from some of the smartest people that have made audio acoustics, their life long occupation.

D & L Studio LLC is fully licensed to work in the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as operate in Westmoreland County.

The three types of recording, mixing and mastering services we are dedicated to are: Speech, Vocals and Instrumental. Our mastering room has been built to allow us to balance your audio to the specifications you are trying to achieve as well as the sound you want to represent your talent.

We believe that our location as well as our recording, mixing and mastering studio design, is what sets us apart of other studios. Regardless if you are in the Northern Neck or in another Country, we are confident that you will be pleased with our dedicated service.