X32 Rack Private Facebook Group

X32 Routing PageThis group is for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge using the Behringer X32 Rack as well as the Behringer S16 combined with the X32 Rack. When you combine these two units, you know have a recording studio on wheels.

It is highly recommended that you take the time to learn how to achieve all the functions of the X32 using nothing but the front controls. If you ever lose your Router, iPad/iPhone or PC, you will still be able to function just as if you had the X32 Full Console sitting right in front of you.

This is a easy process and goes hand in hand when also learning how to use the program X32 Edit, designed by Behringer. As with all recording situations, there is very seldom only one way to achieve the desired results. Thanks for checking us out and please remember that we all had to start somewhere and there truly is never a dumb question when you have a desire to learn. I invite you to join this group and you can click here to check it out. Please make sure your read ALL Announcements by clicking the “Announcements” tab on the upper left hand side of this page.